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atlantic salmon What do salmon eatSalmon are healthiest fish that we can catch in our seas and its flash is a nice color that goes from orange to red. But what do salmon eat that become so healthy for a human? We can divide salmon on wild salmon and farm salmon. Both species are carnivorous, but there is a slight difference in nutrition value between them. A farm raised salmon nutrition values are not so high as a wild salmon have.

Salmon eat other fish and sea organisms. Those fish can be capelin, pelagic, amphipods, krill, herring, sand eels and sprats. They also eat other bigger animals that are in the plankton, especially surface living crustaceans. Today most of the salmon are produced in big fish farms where they feed them with other fish that come from wild. Salmon need to eat a lot of fish that’s why happens that salmon also eat salmon.

But also salmon have enemies. When the salmon are in the ocean their big enemies are whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and other fish. Of course one of the biggest salmon predators are also people. Spawning salmons are food for bears and birds.

Salmon is one of the fish that is dominating the seafood market for many years. Unfortunately human is affect on the wild salmon habitat. We are destroying land or make dam to human purposes and this is leading in a decline of salmon populations.

What salmon eat it also depends on age and place. While in freshwater they eat zooplankton and adult invertebrates. Their fed also depends on species. At the surface of the freshwater stream they also catch caddis files, stoneflies and mayflies. Other salmon prefer plankton from the river floor. Some species of salmon also fed themselves with riparian plants. When they move to ocean a salmon diet can change. Some will keep feeding with zooplankton other will start eating bigger fish, aquatic insects and also shrimps or crabs.salmon living What do salmon eat

In some fish farms where they try to save some money they can feed salmon with vegetables. Those salmon will not be so rich in omega 3 values, which are so important for human healthy diets, skin diet included. Another problem of a farm raised salmon could be the sea lice. This is a relentless parasite that can be spread very fast.

Salmon fishing is also very popular as a sport that’s why it is good to know what do salmon like and what do not salmon like. However also for sport salmon fishing it is good that you have big baits.

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