Salmon life cycle

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Salmon life cycle is followed by stages that allow salmon to develop from eggs to grown fish. Each stage of salmon life cycle lasts certain time and allows salmon to grow up. Main salmon cycles are eggs, alevin, fry, smolt, ocean life and spawning. How long each life cycle depend on the salmon species.


As many lives also a salmon life begins with eggs. An adult salmon in spawning time deposit eggs, which are then fertilized with help of male milt – male sperm. This is how the new group of salmon starts a new life. The time that eggs hatch depends on the temperature of water, but usually it takes between six to twelve weeks.


Alevin are new hatched fish. In this stage the new hatched fish get their food from yolk sac of the egg they were born. New born fish have this food for several weeks and stay at the bottom of the river till the yolk sac is finished. When this food is finished begins the fry cycle, when the fish starts for the first time looking for the real food.

salmon life cycle Salmon life cycle


Fry stage is time when new born fish starts looking for the food by itself swimming in freshwater stream. Usually the first foods are tiny invertebrates. In this time salmon fry starts learning how to survive in freshwater streams.


Smolt stage is a stage when salmon or better fry salmon starts a physiological change process. After this process is finished salmon is prepared to live in salt water. Their bodies change in that way that is able not to absorb the salt into the blood stream. When the fish is finally a smolt is prepared to migrate to oceans water. A smolt stage can last from few days to two years, depending on the salmon species.


In ocean life the salmon finally gets mature and its proper weight, which is gained, quiet fast. The salmon fish are distributed over all oceans as Atlantic and Pacific. How do salmon migrates it depends on species and can last for five years. There is not much known of salmon ocean life, but is know is that is important for salmon survival.


When the fish has finished growing it start migrating back to freshwater, rivers where they start new production. This is so called spawning stage, when one life ends and new ones begin. Female salmon will produce eggs, while male salmon will produce milt. New salmon life cycle has begun.


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