How to catch salmon


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Salmon is most delicious of the fish and know as the healthiest of the fish, because it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Of course there is a light difference when we talk about wild salmon or farm raised salmon. Fact is that wild salmon is healthier and richer in omega 3 acids. That’s why people like wild salmon more. There are two alternatives to be sure that we have a wild salmon. First is to go on market to trusted fisherman and second is to catch salmon by ourselves.

If we decide that we are going to catch the salmon by ourselves it is good to know what salmon eat, the appropriate time for salmon fishing and where to go.

Time for salmon fishing

Usually salmon move to freshwater in April and stay there till august. Salmon come back in spawn period. When they come back to freshwater they are also big enough and usually weight between seven pounds. During day the best time to catch salmon is early in the morning or late in the evening. The best bait for salmon are worms, small fish, shrimps or fly.

Where to catch salmon

First of all you have to have patient to catch salmon, because these fish frighten easily and therefore also move very quickly. Best places are deep lakes and swift streams that have gravelly or pebbly bottoms, where there are easily outlets to the sea. Rivers are also a great place to fish salmon, especially those who end in oceans.

How to catch salmon

To catch salmon you will have to have adequate equipment. First of all is a large reel is essential. Line made from silk, a hair combined line or how to catch salmon How to catch salmonsometimes grass line that is long about 200 yards. Rod has to be about 5 feet long and elastic at the end. A very successful way to fish salmon is with artificial fly that are made from gray and gaudy feathers. Another important element when fishing salmon is the hook. A Kirby or Limerick pattern is recommended for worm or live bait.

Appropriate salmon fishing tackle is essential for your excursion, because with the wrong chosen material you can come back empty handed.

There are various techniques to fish salmon and depend also from person to person. Many things also depend on period, the species of salmon, water and weather conditions. It is also possible to catch salmon with traps and nets, but you have to know the techniques how to place them.

How successful you are in salmon fishing it depends also in salmon species you try to catch. Depending on species you have to use different king of techniques and baits.


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