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Posted on 13th July 2011 by admin

When we come to an issue about human health we want to know what is good and what is not good for our health. Depending on what we eat can make us change our life in better or not. Fish oils are essential for human body, because they improve our immune system. If we say in another way omega 3 fatty acids are important for human health and the fish that contains or better it is the richest in omega 3 fatty acids is salmon. Salmon is the king of the fish and it has its own production cycle. Read more about salmon life cycle.

Human demand for salmon in fish market is growing dramatically that’s why today produce farm raised salmon in fish farms, pounds and big lakes. Lately many things have been written about the difference between wild salmon and farm raised salmon nutrition values. Both salmon meats are healthy and rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

The main difference between salmon is that farm raised salmon have more fats. While wild salmon have to fight to find food (fish), a farm salmon is more »happy« because it is fed by human with fish pellets and other products like vegetables.

Wild salmon body are stronger and don’t have fats because they are swimming in ocean to find food. Farm salmon are kept in small places which are overcrowded with other fish and this don’t let them to swim free. This is not very healthy for fish and after all can be infected by diseases and infections. Besides all, fish farmer also gives artificial colorants to make the salmon flesh look like natural.

To prevent diseases to spread there are also given antibiotics to farm salmon. Wild salmon are free of these medications.

People eat salmon because of its healthy benefits for the body. Wild salmon have higher omega 3 acids, while farm raised salmon are fattier and also have omega 6 higher values that most people get too much already.

Today it’s possible to find on fish market mostly farm raised salmon, because it’s quite difficult to find a pure wild salmon.

However it is not harmful to eat a farm salmon time to time, but it is not recommended to eat it frequently.  If you are not sure about the salmon it is ok if you choose salmon supplements that can be found in many grocery and online stores.


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