How to catch Coho and Chinook salmon tips


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Salmon it’s very popular fish, because of its nutrient values. There have been a lot of discussions between the difference of wild salmon and farm raised salmon. Fact is that wild salmon is much healthier and rich in nutrients than his farm cousin is. That’s why it is important to know some tips and tricks how to catch a salmon.

Before you start you have to know what kind of salmon you are going to catch. We know many salmon species and each of them has different properties and different places of living and spawning. It is also good to know salmon lifecycle stages and when they come back to river for spawning.

The two most common species of salmon that can be caught in river or lakes are Coho and Chinook salmon. We know three stages when it is possible to catch salmon, which are river stage, lake stage and river mouth stage.

River stage is a period when salmon is already in the river and is looking at a place to deposit its eggs. At the beginning when they start swimming towards the upper stream of the river salmon feeds itself and when it comes to the place it starts defending its eggs. Usually they defend their eggs from brown and rainbow trout that are following salmon to eat their eggs. At that time salmon are very aggressive and are defending its spawning territory from other species. If you throw light color baits such as light red or yellow you can have a success to catch a salmon. Spinners that have rainbow or brown trout colors are also a good solution to catch salmon in a legal way.

It is possible to catch salmon also in river mouth. In this period salmon are waiting that rain makes water level higher so they can swim towards the upper river so they can spawn. At that time salmon are also quite aggressive and you can use white, silver or gold lures. Some people are also using green, red or purple lures.

At the end if you have a boat you can catch wild salmon also in lake. You can fish salmon with downriggers. You can help to find salmon with fish finder and then place downriggers at certain depth. Downrigger allows you to fish deeper where the salmon hang out during feeding. You can use different lures. For deep fishing you can try Cleo’s, Sutton Silver Spoon, Rapalas, and Thunder Sticks etc.

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